My Headset Microphone Adaptor

I've found that frequently it's useful to use a headset rather than the hand mike. Unfortunately it's not just a case of simply wring in a headset mike instead of the supplied mike, as most headset mikes are actually electret condensers, which need to be powered The radio I have is a Yaesu FT-818ND, and … Continue reading My Headset Microphone Adaptor


My Portable Antenna Evolution

I bought the Yaesu FT-818ND specifically because I had a desire to go and do some portable work; mostly inspired by some of Peter Parker's (VK3YE) videos. All of the antennas below hang from a 10m squid pole that I attach either to a handy post or a 1.8m star picket that I guy to … Continue reading My Portable Antenna Evolution