2019-11-09 Bunyaville Conservation Park (VKFF-1493)

I spent this week working in Brisbane. I had planned to get out in to a couple of parks last Sunday but the drive up the previous day left me too tired.

So, today I had planned to do this one and a park near it. A slow day put pay to that plan.

I had checked out this park using Google Earth and found a reasonable place entering the Eastern side of the park. It was just under a half hour drive from where I’m staying in North Lakes.


I actually forgot to turn on APRS before I left, only remembering half way down the Bruce Highway. Fortunately the to and from route was the same.


It was only a couple of hundred metres from the park entrance to the T intersection where I turned right and setup less than 50 metres from that intersection an a raised area.


Google Earth


This close it’s hard to tell, but I was definitely inside the park.


Above gives a better idea as to where I drove to inside the park.


This gives certainty that I was inside.


and the above puts the park in to geographic context.

The Setup

Ahh, one other thing that I discovered is that while I’d brought the good camera with me, I left it’s battery back at the house, so these photos were taken with the Lenovo tablet that I use for logging.


The first discovery that I made was that I’d left my headset back at the house, so today was done on the speaker and the hand mike.

img_20191109_170227I had dad with me today (Ken, VK4AKH). While I was operating he set up this shelter as it really was very bright and warm.


Looking at where I set up from the top of the mound to the south.


I had to set up just a little off the hard packed surface in order to get the star picket to dig in even a few centimetres.img_20191109_170319

Looking back on the set up from just shy of the North Western end of the dipole.


Which I tied to a tree as there were no low enough hanging branches to throw a rope over.


To the South East I managed to tie the rope to the mallet and throw it over a low hanging branch.


Looking back to the pole (with VKFF flag) from near the car.

img_20191109_170500My company for the day.


It really was a slow afternoon. First contact was at 12:17pm (02:17 UTC). I only got nine contacts on 40m before deciding to move to 30m, getting one there and four more by 1:20pm (03:20) on 20m. I had started with the linear set to 50 watts and moved it 100 watts when I went to 20m.

Scott (VK4CZ) mentioned that there were some contacts to be had on 10m so I decided to give that a go and picked up four there, including VK7JON.

By 2:39pm (04:39UTC) I went back to 40m, which was thankfully a bit more active, picking up 16 before giving CW a go, getting VK2ICJ and VK2IO. About half way through this block I noticed that my radio was only transmitting around 2 watts in to the linear and fearing for the heat on the radio turned it off for 20 minutes, after which point I had a thought, lowered the antenna and noticed that I had not reconnected the 20m link. Doh!

At 4:06pm (06:06UTC) I gave 80m a go getting only the one contact there.

At 4:20pm (06:20UTC) I went back to 20m and managed to get to 45 contacts, including one with JH8JYV which helped make the day worthwhile.

Last contact was at 4:34pm (6:34UTC), so 45 contacts over about four hours.

The Statistics

 CW: 2
SSB: 43

 VKFF-0627: 1
 VKFF-0132: 1
 VKFF-0092: 1
 VKFF-0444: 3
 VKFF-2400: 1
 VKFF-2813: 1
 VKFF-1391: 1
 VKFF-2310: 2
 VKFF-0974: 1
 VKFF-0231: 1
13 park contacts - 10 unique

 40M: 27
 20M: 12
 30M: 1
 80M: 1
 10M: 4

45 unique contacts (0 duplicates)

45 log entries


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