L-Match Issues

As mentioned in the previous blog, I had some issues trying to tune my 22m end-fed with the L-match.

So, let’s do some testing. First let’s check for continuity from centre conductor to the active. Given it’s switched inductances, it should be a short circuit to DC.


Well, that’s how this meter displays an open circuit. This would suggest a break somewhere.


Checking for inductance or capacitance on centre conductor to active, interestingly we only see capacitance. Ahh, if there is a break then only path would be through the variable capacitor


For completeness, looking act the capacitance between active and earth on the output,  we see maximum capacitance here;


and minimum capacitance here, which suggests the path through the variable capacitor is also fine.

dsc_0392Opening it up, there we go. Because the switch on the right was able to turn we broke the connection between the two inductances.

I’ve since fixed it up. Perhaps next time that I’m out in the evening, I can give 160m another go.

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