2019-04-20 Worimi Regional Park (VKFF-1788)

Today I wanted to polish of the two Worimi parks (there are three) that I had not yet done. Adam (VK2YK) had pointed out a car park that was inside Worimi Regional Park (VKFF-1788), but I had some trouble working out how to get in.

This blog will document how to do it and it’s very simple, just not obvious on google maps or google earth.



Unfortunately (again) I forgot turn on APRS on the phone when I left so what we see above is from where I turned it on at this park; showing the trip up to Worimi National Park (VKFF-0614) and the trip home. In heading out I actually took the Newcastle ink road off the M1, then travelled through Wallsend, Jesmond, The Industrial Highway through Mayfield, Kooragang Island and Stockton.


Taking the roundabout off Nelson Bay Road on to Seaside Boulevard, I initially headed over to Monkerie Rd as Google Earth showed a potential entrance to Fern Bay Access Trail. There is no such entrance there.

The best was was to head back along Seaside Boulevard and turn left on to the dirt track. Note that you can’t do that heading East, so you’d have to make a U-turn on the roundabout regardless.


The map is not actually correct. There is a locked gate at the park entrance, but the trail actually takes an east turn that you can follow to the car park.

The car park is just before the sign that sates that a 4WD pass is required to go further down the track.

Google Earth


There are quite a few parks around this area.


I set up just inside the boundary of of teh Regional Park.


As seen above definitely inside the park.


The car park is a decent size so I was able to set up an antenna across it without actually being in the way of anyone wanting to use it.

The Activation


I took a picture of the park sign through the windscreen (which is why it’s not clear).


I set up beside the car. Note to self. When wearing a ball cap, watch out for that rear door on the car. It bloody hurts to walk  in to it. The pole was velcrod to one of the fence posts.


This is the Western end of the antenna, which I ran to a tent pole. This was the coax outer conductor.


I ran the active side of the antenna into a branch about 4-5 metres up in a tree.


A view of my set up for the morning.


Complete with amplifier and key.


Here’s a shot of where the Eastern side went to. I’m glad I kept the broken tile; I was able to throw it over that branch to get that marine cord up there.

dsc_0008From under the tree looking back to the pole.

One thing I should note for this park is that there were a lot of mosquitos. Glad that I brought the Bushman pump spray for the repellant and some sun-screen.

This was a very quick activation, getting the numbers at a surprising rate. Sometimes propagation like you.

I did have some initial issues with some problems with vk port-a-log not seeing the actual park, so I had to enter it manually. Of course I got the number wrong and had to go back and edit the entries when I found out; as well as getting back in touch with VK4SYD to get the park to park corrected.

The Stats

 CW: 13
SSB: 34

 VKFF-2204: 1
 VKFF-1577: 2
3 park contacts - 2 unique

 40M: 38
 30M: 9

46 unique contacts (1 duplicate)

47 log entries

Just as I finished packing up, I had Gerard (VK2IO) message me saying tat he couldn’t hear me on 30m. Unfortunately I missed him at this park, but got him mobile in the next.

One note from today is that I am having a tough time recognising ZL as a prefix in CW. I had to get poor Andrei (ZL1TM) to send his call a couple of times before it clicked. More practice needed.

Anyway I packed up, headed to Williamtown McDonald for a drink and a bite to eat then headed to the next park.


It looks like while I was correcting some park identifier issues around UTC rollover, I mucked up some logging. The result is that one of the calls was a duplicate and I needed to remove a “/3” from the callsign of an operator I worked before and after rollover. I guess I was a little preoccupied. I suspect the duplicate was actually someone else that I mis-logged during the editing. Apologies if that was you. That call took place at 02:03 UTC.

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