2019-04-03 Munmorah State Conservation Area (VKFF-1361)

As I didn’t get out last weekend I wanted to see if I could get a quick activation in before work today.

This should be my fifth visit to to this park to bring it in to play for the Boomerang Award.

Set the alarm for 5am and managed to be fed and on the road by 5:35.

I arrived just after 6am and started setting up.





Google Earth

From the below I am very definitely within the park boundaries. Again, The dot should be to the north of the shelter. I’ll put that down to the GPS in the version 1 iPad mini.


Not very far from the beach, but just a little too far to go down and set up on it for a quick activation I do have work today.


Placing the park within local context.


I did remember to take some photos of the entrance. OK I actually took these on the way out.




The Activation


It was still dark when I started. I’m glad I brought that little battery/light.


The pole does reflect nicely off the flash gun.


As I wasn’t far from the car I took the table in to the shelter.


I also brought my small linear amplifier  for use if required.

I started transmitting around 6:42am on 80m, with no luck. Moved up to 40m and called for a while also with no luck so started tuning around a bit.

I found an IV3 on 7.135 and tried calling him with no luck. There was also a station in Vanuatu (YJ0CA) who was trying to call him with no luck. I want back to 7.144 and started calling again and he followed me, so first in the log today was Chris YJ0CA in Port Vila. Chris was holidaying there and flying back to Sydney later today.

Over the next twenty minutes or so I also spoke with VK5AYL (Sue) and VK5DDD (Owen) before heading back to 80m.

This time I had a little more luck speaking with VK2IO (Gerard) on 3.610 and then again on 3.532 CW, as well as CW with VK3PF (Peter). Back to 40m and spoke with Peter again who also gave me two other callsigns getting me to the ten I needed.

VK4TJ (John) also came back to me on 40m with two other callsigns and I also spoke with  VK3TKK/M (Peter). A few Phone and CW calls on 30m went unanswered before I had to start packing up.

A slowish morning, but I got the numbers that I needed. Perhaps next time I try an early start I should try 20m CW. It was probably a bit early for a lot of Australian hunters.


 CW: 2
SSB: 12

0 park contacts - 0 unique

 40M: 11
 80M: 3

14 unique contacts (0 duplicates)

14 log entries


These were taken just after 9am.


This is the walkway up to the lookout and stairs to the beach.





dsc_0180You can just see Norah Head lighthouse in the middle of the photo above.

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