2018-11-25 Tea Tree Picnic Area (Munmorah State Conservation Area – VKFF-1361)

After yesterdays effort I was pretty tired this morning, but I had made some commitments. First to take my son out to breakfast and second that I’d activate another park today.

Well, I got back from breakfast around 10am, and said “I just need to lie down for a moment”.

The next thing I knew, it was 12:30.

I decided that I could most quickly get up and running in a park that I’d done earlier in the week at Tea Tree Picnic Area in the Munmorah State Conservation Area (VKFF-1361). Mostly because I knew that I could set up close to where I’d parked, and I remembered exactly (well almost exactly) how I’d set the antenna up. It also had the advantage of having a covered BBQ area, as when I left the cloud cover was looking a little dodgy.


I remembered today to enable APRS on my phone. Here we see the over view of the trek from my house (with a minor detour) to the park.


The road within the park to get to the activation area.


I also remembered today to snap a shot of the park signs.


This one appears beside the payment booth, which was manned today. Fortunately I purchased an annual pass so was waved straight through.


This Google earth shot actually got my location exactly. I was set up under that corner of the BBQ shelter.


Here we have a little more context within the park.


And here we see the park in some geographical context.


Simple set up today. As I was close to the car I brought the larger table out. You can also see the short blue CAT-5 cable connecting to the adapter to power the electret mike in the headset. I also plug in the MH-31 mike so I can use the PTT and other buttons on it; but the mike connection only goes to the headset.


I took this leaning out of the shelter. I think I actually set the pole up a little closer to the shelter than I did on Thursday.


Another view of the set up from close to where I parked. Cozy.

Below we have some of the obligatory scenic shots. It really was a lovely day.


As I’d stopped for lunch after leaving at 1:00pm, I started transmitting at about 2:40pm (3:40 UTC).

I shouldn’t have been surprised with the number of contacts and park to parks that I got given it was activation weekend, but it was definitely gratifying to get what I did.

40m was my friend for the most part today, only a handful of contacts on the others. Was happy to get a few on 20m and some good solid ones on 30m, but 80m was a bit disappointing.

Last call was at 6:40pm (7:40UTC) as I had to get home to set up my guitar and things for an online gig at 8pm.

The Stats

SSB: 45

 VKFF-1729: 2
 VKFF-1881: 1
 VKFF-2536: 1
 VKFF-2282: 2
 VKFF-0840: 1
 VKFF-2333: 1
 VKFF-0628: 1
 VKFF-0784: 1
 VKFF-2071: 1
 VKFF-2031: 1
 VKFF-2330: 1
 VKFF-0835: 1
14 park contacts - 12 unique

 40M: 34
 20M: 2
 30M: 7
 80M: 2

45 unique contacts (0 duplicates)

45 log entries

2 thoughts on “2018-11-25 Tea Tree Picnic Area (Munmorah State Conservation Area – VKFF-1361)

  1. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for taking part in the 2018 VKFF Activation Weekend. We are back home from our trip to VK3 now, and I’m slowly starting to compile the stats from the weekend. Once complete, I will send out a participation certificate to all of the activators who took part in the weekend.

    73 and ’44’,

    Paul VK5PAS


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