2018-09-22 Lane Cove National Park

This one (VKFF-0281) has been hanging over me for almost a month. I still had 18 to get to qualify the park so I decided to give it a go today.

Today I elected to go to a different area of the park. This time up the top of the hill near Macquarie Park, specifically around Tunks Hill Picnic Area, taking note that the gates shut at 6pm.

There appeared to be a huge event on in the western part of the area so I went in to the Eastern part where there was online family up the northern end (I set up well south of them).

Set up the active side of the dipole to the east about 5m up a tree. The Western side also went about 4m up a tree but needed me to open another spool of rope as it was a bit further than my usual rope would reach.

I got on air just before 3pm (5:00UTC).

Wow, just on 40m I got to 45 in about 90 minutes!

After that I tried other bands but things slowed down substantially.

80m wasn’t real great around 4:30pm (06:30UTC), but I managed a couple then. Went up to 30m and got a few excellent strength contacts. Nothing on 20m. Went back to 40m and got nothing further then finished the day on 80m with a few more, finishing at 5:32pm (7:32 UTC).

After pack up I made it out of the gate with two minutes to spare. As you can see from the APRS data, I turned left and went around a block to get back in the right direction on Lane Cove Road. at 6:05 the gate still wasn’t shut and no sign of anyone with intent to shut it.

As Gerard was activating VI2MARCONI in a park on the way home (Kur-ing-gai Chase National Park), I decided to drop in on the way home. I missed the turn on to Bobbin Head Road so elected to enter by Kur-ing-gai Chase Road and we had a chat in the dark after is pile ups finished.

Oh, I managed to get VI2MARCONI (of course) on both 40m & 80m. Also managed VI4MARCONI on 30m.

I had a few people come over to have a chat about what I was doing and one gent who suggested that using headphones would help preserve the quiet of the park 😀 I did put the headphone on.

Stats for the day

SSB: 57

VKFF-0272: 3
VKFF-1757: 1
VKFF-0980: 1
VKFF-1623: 1
6 park contacts - 4 unique

40M: 45
30M: 4
80M: 8

57 unique contacts (0 duplicates)

I did try to make the spot with google earth and I was certainly inside the park, but it didn’t quite show my location inside the picnic area correctly.

One other thing. I had a chat with Peter VK3YE running with 20m of wire along the ground and it appears that I feature in a video he made today.


The setup as seen from the south.
Eastern leg of the linked dipole
Western end of the linked dipole
The setup just before starting.


I didn’t turn on the APRS until I was about to turn on to Lane Cove Road. This pretyt much shows the trip home with the detour to chat with Gerard VK2IO
A closer look at the area around this section of the park
Closer again, giving an indication of where I set up.
The trip down Kur-ing-gai Chase Rd to meet up with Gerard VK2IO.


2 thoughts on “2018-09-22 Lane Cove National Park

  1. Hi Alan
    A great post and the information will assist me as Lane Cove NP is on my list when we next visit Sydney as is completing Scheyville and Catai NPs. My son, who lives in Sydney, also suggests Kuringai Chase. Making a noise in a park, where there are people, is always an issue for me. I have a loud voice!
    Thanks for starting the blog.
    John D


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