2018-09-14 Glenrock State Conservation Area

I headed out to VKFF-1319.

After some discussion with Gerard VK2IO, I decided to use the same activation location. I had some other options but it was not clear if there were breaks in the canopy or safe places to park on Dudley Beach Rd and there were power lines at the Scout camp entrance. Discarding those two and choosing Yuelarbah Management Trail cost me about 60m height and put a big hill between me and Lake Macquarie (and pretty much most of Australia) but was a very convenient place to set up.

When I arrived I had a look around the car park and decided that I didn’t see a good place to set up within the car park; so I had a walk up the management trail. About a hundred metres along presented a pretty nice location.

Tieing a bit of wood to some marine cord, I was able to get one end of the dipole abut 5m above the ground and likewise the other about 2.5-3m.

I got transmitting at about 1pm (3:00UTC).

40m was really unpredictable throughout the afternoon. For example while talking with VK5FANA, he went from 3-1 to 5-6 and back over a period of a few minutes.

We did get a period of short range skip, so for the first time in a while I managed to get Gerard on 40m as well as on 80m.

While I did get contacts on 30m and 80m, most were on 40m.

I did manage some park to parks, which was nice as I hadn’t had any for a couple of weeks.

I started to get concerned around sunset as I was calling a lot and not getting replies, needing only one more contact to qualify the park.

Paul, VK5PAS to the rescue with a contact for himself and the special station VI5MARCONI.

The weather stayed pretty nice for the duration. As I got a phone call packing up tat I had to take, I ended up packing up and exiting the park in the dark Fortunately I had my little USB battery with a decent light on it.

An enjoyable day all up.

I think if I do Glenrock again, I might go up the road a little and set up beside Fernlegh Track. This used to be where the old Belmont train line ran but has been turned in to a walking and cycling track.

Oh, I should also note that again, I had zero pole collapses. I’m getting the hang of this.

Stats for the day

SSB: 45

VKFF-1573: 2
VKFF-0624: 1
VKFF-0981: 1
4 park contacts - 3 unique

40M: 37
30M: 2
80M: 6

45 unique contacts (0 duplicates)
The trip home, as I forgot to turn on APRS before I left in the morning.
Closer map of the general area
Close up of where I activated the park.
Definitely inside the park
View of activation location from a little higher up.
Set up and ready to go.
Western end of the antenna about 5m up. I was VERY happy with that.
Wider angle view of where the western end of the dipole went. In case it’s not clear, it was through the V on the front tree.
Cycle paths around the trail.
Looking back along the antenna from the western end
The eastern end was only about 2.5m up.
Looking west from the eastern end of the antenna
The set up for the day. I brought the key, but didn’t use it. It didn’t feel stable on my leg. I didn’t bring headphones. Basically I’m still not quite confident enough to use it and am making excuses.


Car Park entry

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