2018-09-22 Lane Cove National Park

This one (VKFF-0281) has been hanging over me for almost a month. I still had 18 to get to qualify the park so I decided to give it a go today. Today I elected to go to a different area of the park. This time up the top of the hill near Macquarie Park, specifically … Continue reading 2018-09-22 Lane Cove National Park

2018-09-14 Glenrock State Conservation Area

I headed out to VKFF-1319. After some discussion with Gerard┬áVK2IO, I decided to use the same activation location. I had some other options but it was not clear if there were breaks in the canopy or safe places to park on Dudley Beach Rd and there were power lines at the Scout camp entrance. Discarding … Continue reading 2018-09-14 Glenrock State Conservation Area