2018-08-07 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve

Headed out to VKFF-2713 to have another crack at it. This time I absolutely verified I was within the boundaries before setting anything up. I used a slightly different set up today meaning I only had to make one trip from the car with equipment. All my gear went in to a large backpack (which … Continue reading 2018-08-07 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve

2018-08-04 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve

Well today I thought I was trying to activate VKFF-2713 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve. Today's lesson is, check the park boundaries on google earth BEFORE setting up and transmitting; and don't trust that the National Park sign means that you are inside the boundaries. To those stations that I contacted today believing that I was … Continue reading 2018-08-04 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve