2018-08-25 Colongra Swamp Nature Reserve

For a change I ventured out pretty early for VKFF-1910. Arrived about 8:00am (22:00UTC) and was running by 8:30 (22:30). The advantage that I perceived (which played out) was UTC day rollover. i.e. contacts made before and after 00:00 UTC count as seperate days.

I’d spent some time poking around this reserve with google earth and decided that going through the gate off Macleay Dr onto Collongra Swamp Trail would be a good bet.

I found a pretty good spot a couple of hundred metres up the trail and set up next to the trail. I must have miscounted my paces from the tree that I was going to use for one leg of the dipole as after I set up the pole on the picket (which I was NOT going to relocate), turns out it was a couple of metres too close. I ended up using most of the 10m length of rope to tie off to a more distant tree on the other side of the trail. Found another tree to the North West (also on the other side of the trail) to tie that end off to and we were off and running.

Given the time of day, I kicked off on 80m (also that I heard some Northern hemisphere contesting going on around 7.144MHz).

Managed seven contacts on 80m before going to 40m and getting another 15 before 00:00UTC. Half-way there by UTC rollover. Cool.

In spite of trying quite a bit on 20m and 30m, I managed none on 20m and only two on 30m.

I did get to discuss what I was doing with a few folks who walked or rode past. One of those had wonderful timing. A bike rider came along the trail just as I’d lowered the dipole to change bands. Needless to say, I quickly got it above head height again for him to pass

I finished up at 12:23 (02:23 UTC). I would have finished up earlier but I knew that VK4CZ was heading out to a new park and wanted to get that one under my belt too.

Call Summary

AM: 6
SSB: 40

VKFF-0774: 2
VKFF-2431: 2
VKFF-1621: 1
5 park contacts - 3 unique

40M: 33
30M: 2
80M: 11

46 log entries

Managed to get home in time to head out to the activities I had planned for the afternoon and evening.

I had the APRS application set up so that it was not sending updates as often as it should on the way in (hence the straight line between home and where I set up. Only about a 20 minute drive from home.
I chose the gate entry at Macleay Dr rather than trying to head in any other way.
This shows pretty closely where I was and where the antenna was, except the SE run actually did cross the trail.
Entry to the trail.
Information on the reserve.
I set up just off to one side of the trail.
Looking back at the fully raised squid pole
From the South East. You can see the dipole crossing the trail just in the front of the shot.
My “desk”.
Some of the nearby flora. I was happy to see bees around pollinating (there is actually one in this shot).
North East end of the dipole.
More flora close to my spot.
Looking back towards the trail at the setup.
More nearby flora.
Well inside the reserve.
The reserve in geographical context

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