2018-08-17 Lane Cove National Park

I found myself in North Ryde yesterday visiting an old colleague who was about to head back to the U.K. After I left I dropped in on the bottom end of VKFF-0281.

I’ve driven past this park for the best part of the last two decades for one job or another in that area.

The bottom part is only a couple of metres above sea level near the Lane Cove River and Fullers Bridge.

I arrived a bit after 3pm (5:00UTC) and had a walk around looking for aplace to set up. I chose a place that didn’t have a lot of kids running around (it’s a popular location) and had somewhere that I could mount the squid pole and some trees (just) far enough away to tie the ends of the dipole to.

The first let down of the day is that it appears that my 20m run of coax has an intermittent break in the centre conductor (verified with multimeter when I got home), so I had to get my table and chair out of the car and set up next to the pole rather than on a park bench.

I got most of my contacts on 40 & 80m, but I did managed to get Bill VK4FW on 20, 30, 40 & 80 in a park to park. John VK4TJ managed to be my first contact on both 40m & 80m.

I may have to do a bit more work with the antenna analyser as I noticed that when I had one particular end of the dipole on the centre conductor (this dipole doesn’t have balun) that the SWR was a little higher than the other.

The next let down was that as the sun set, I realised that

  1. I only had a light jumper for warmth and it wasn’t doing a lot.
  2. I’d taken any other warm clothes out of the car.

As such, I called it a night shortly after sunset. It was actually full dark as I put the last of the gear in to the car and took a few pictures of the signposting at the entrance.

All up, I ended up with 26 calls (almost the same as what I had remaining for Saratoga Island) so will need to return to get another 18 another time.

I had a look at google earth and another location in the park, much higher up, looks promising (Tunks Hill Picnic Area, which I can get too off Lane Cove Road and Riverside Drive).

Definitely inside the park.
The location with a little context.
It’s a lovely area.
There was a bit going on further down the band so I started off on 7.174MHz
I’ve moved to using a 7″ Lenovo Tablet and the VK portalog software.
One of the “friends” I had around today.


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