2018-08-31 Awabakal Nature Reserve

Today I made a number of poor decisions in heading out to VKFF-1882. I had planned to head out nice and early given I needed to drop my son off at the station just before 6am. Poor decision #1. As he was not well today, I went back to bed and didn't wake up until … Continue reading 2018-08-31 Awabakal Nature Reserve

2018-08-25 Colongra Swamp Nature Reserve

For a change I ventured out pretty early for VKFF-1910. Arrived about 8:00am (22:00UTC) and was running by 8:30 (22:30). The advantage that I perceived (which played out) was UTC day rollover. i.e. contacts made before and after 00:00 UTC count as seperate days. I'd spent some time poking around this reserve with google earth … Continue reading 2018-08-25 Colongra Swamp Nature Reserve

2018-08-11/12 RD Contest – Mt Bouddi

Well that was an interesting weekend. I combined the RD contest with activating a park that I had previously qualified, thinking that it would be an excellent place for doing the contest only with 5 watts. Unfortunately while I brought the camera I managed to leave its SD card at home so no decent photos. … Continue reading 2018-08-11/12 RD Contest – Mt Bouddi

2018-08-04 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve

Well today I thought I was trying to activate VKFF-2713 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve. Today's lesson is, check the park boundaries on google earth BEFORE setting up and transmitting; and don't trust that the National Park sign means that you are inside the boundaries. To those stations that I contacted today believing that I was … Continue reading 2018-08-04 Saratoga Island Nature Reserve