2018-07-23 Tuggerah Nature Reserve

Headed out to do the park that is actually closest to home but I had not yet done as I couldn’t see an easy way in. The park reference is VKFF-2005, and the grid locator is QF56rq.

Gerard pointed me at a spot where he was able to pull over that was inside the park and he operated it from his car. I couldn’t see how I could run my dipole from that area simply, so I trekked through about 100m of light scrub to where I hit a fire trail then headed down that about 100m.

I ended up in a really pleasant place to operate and was able to put the pole up between two trees that let me extend the full length of the linked dipole for 15, 20, 30, 40 & 80 metres.

I got on air at 15:26 (5:26 UTC) after three treks between the antenna and the car. It should have been two but I dropped my new thermos water bottle on the trek in and didn’t want to lose it. Of course I dropped it about 15 yards from the car where I stepped over the fence.

Things got going *very* quickly. I got to 22 contacts in about 20 minutes. The gem contact was VK4VN/AM on 40m. Yes he was aeronautical mobile on 40m (30 foot wire trailing in a Twin engine Beech) about 2000 feet above Brisbane. 5/9 each way on my 6 watts

I caught Bill on 20, 30, 40 & 80 for a park to park to VKFF-1589. Apparently if I had left the radio on for another minute I’d have also caught him on 15m.

I did catch VK4NH on 15m, but the band was really variable. Over the space of a minute he went from 55 to almost unreadable.

I also used APRS today on the phone if anyone is interested in seeing the travel.

Overall a really enjoyable day in a very pleasant area.

One thing I *do* have to get is a magnetic compass. The compass apps on the phone and the iPad are useless. I try to get the antenna NW-SE if I can.

The blue spot is where I set up. The darker Blue area to the right is actally part of VKFF-1383 – Tuggerah State Conservation Area.
Set up from the south.
From further south. You can see that I am in a really pleasant clearing.
Tied off to (I think) the NW.
From the NE.
Tied off to (I think) the SE
From the fire trail.
This is where I parked.
A larger view of the Nature Reserve with the conservation area to the east and south.

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