2018-07-10 Tuggerah State Conservation Area

Today I activated VKFF-1383. While pretty local to me, this one had presented a bit of a challenge as I couldn’t see a good spot to get in and work from. I was initially considering the gate on Geoffrey Rd, but it is still close to houses and power lines. Gerard mentioned that he went to the west end of the fire trail off Church St and walked a few hundred metres in.

This seemed to be the best bet and what I ended up doing.

I ended up doing that walk quite a few times as I kept leaving something in the car that I needed. What is really frustrating is that it appears I’ve left something in one of my previous parks. I know which one and will be taking a trip up in the morning to have a look to see if I can find it. I’ll then go and activate another park about 2-3km from that one.

This was the quickest activation that I think I have done so far. We got to quota of calls in 82 minutes from starting transmitting. In addition I got contacts on each of 20m, 30m, 40m AND 80m. Also got a few more park to park calls.

It was pretty warm to start with and it made me wish for one of sunscreen or an umbrella but if you don’t have it you may as well wish for the moon.

The downside of the day is that while packing up, my broken top segment of teh squid pole finally actually broke. I can make do with the remainder of nth top section just sat in the second top, but until I can either replace it or fix it, it can’t be extended.

Today made it eleven parks that I have activated so I qualify for the first of the global WWFF activation awards.

The blue spot marks where I set up.
I set up the table and radio beside the pole which I mounted against a 180cm star picket. The picket only went a couple of inches into the trail, but as I guyed it pretty solidly, that was all it needed.
Looking at the setup from the south-east.
Filling the log pretty quickly.
The setup from the north-west
See, I was actually here 😀

I recorded a video at the end of the day walking along the length of the antenna before I started packing up.


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