2018-07-09 Tingira Heights Nature Reserve

Headed out to a new park yesterday, VKFF-2741. As such, I was the first activator. Given that I grew up a stones throw from here, that’s only reasonable

First thing that you may notice is that the quality of the photos is down a little. It’s not that I forgot the Digital SLR camera. I left the SD card plugged in to the MacBook at home. Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy S5, which also offered the opportunity for a title video.

I parked in the cul-de-sac on Burton road and walked in about 150 metres, finding a lovely tall and straight tree that had no foliage at where the top of the squid pole would be. I needed to use two lengths of velcro at top and bottom of the pole to get around the tree. I ran the south leg of the dipole over the top of a fallen tree (about 3-4m up) and tied off to a sapling further down the track, which is a good thing as it kept the wire above head height above a trail which later had a mountain biker on it. The north run went to another sapling and I was careful to keep it too above head height across a track.

Absolutely beautiful day (you can see the cloudless sky in some of the photos).

We started well with 24 contacts in the first 40 minutes on 40 metres. Then it really slowed down. I tried 20, 30, 40 & 80 over the next two hours, getting only a further eleven contacts (and one duplicate on the same band). Things livened up a little on 80m around 4:15pm (6:15 UTC) and over the next 25 minutes we got over the line.

One amusing contact was Alan, VK2AJG who was only a stones throw away in Warners Bay. If I had had the sense to bring the FT70D out of the car we might have also added simplex contacts on 2m and 70cm.

I ended up getting out of the park just before sunset. All up an enjoyable day.

I discovered that google earth has this annoying feature that if trees are too high, they cover the park overlay. Anyway, the blue dot represents where I was in the park. I parked the car in the cul-de-sac just to the north.
The setup.
The pole against this magnificent tall and straight tree.
Nearly at the end of page one of the log.
North-west from where I was.
South from where I was. You can see the fallen tree that I made sure tha antenna went over the top of.

I can’t put video up on wordpress unless I upgrade to a premium account, so here is a link to a video showing where I was set up in relation to the park entrance.

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