2018-07-30 Wambina Nature Reserve

Trekked out VKFF-2014 today. It was a pretty hard slog; in all of getting there the trek up and down the hill five times (I'll explain later) Contacts First off, I had Bill message me that he only had 45 minutes left in a very rare park, so I intended to grab the magnetic loop … Continue reading 2018-07-30 Wambina Nature Reserve

2018-07-28 Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area

VKFF-1340 is a strange "park". It's dotted in many discrete sections around the Lake. I drove up the Pacific Highway to just past Montefiore Rd, which looks to be closest to Catherine Hill Bay. There was a gate into a slightly raised area that I could set up in. Turns out I was about 144m … Continue reading 2018-07-28 Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area