2018-06-30 Sugarloaf State Conservation Area

On Saturday I activated VKFF-1772. In hindsight, while the location within the park that I chose was terribly easy to get to, it wasn't a great site. Large hill immediately to the south and a middling one to the north (with a huge tower containing lots of cell phone antennas). Sugarloaf actually has some great … Continue reading 2018-06-30 Sugarloaf State Conservation Area

2018-06-25 Bouddi National Park

Activated VKFF-0049 today. Thanks to all the folks who helped me over the line. 50 contacts 30m - 2 40m - 34 80m - 14 and 11 park to parks (including one on three different bands). Overall a great day. I took an hour between 1 & 2 to add 80m legs to the linked … Continue reading 2018-06-25 Bouddi National Park

2018-06-16 Tea Tree Picnic Area (Munmorah State Conservation Area)

So after not being very happy with my location in this park (VKFF-1361) last night I pulled out google earth to have a look and turned up the gorgeous location. Because of the exposure to wind, I didn't set up on the platform (which is good as lots of people were looking at dolphins frolicking … Continue reading 2018-06-16 Tea Tree Picnic Area (Munmorah State Conservation Area)

2018-06-15 Munmorah State Conservation Area

This wasn't originally where I was going. I was originally going Popran National Park, specifically a picnic area Called Ironbark Picnic Area The National Parks pages says, ... Ironbark picnic area has a small, unsealed carpark, but it’s only accessible by 4WD vehicles. Visitors in 2WD vehicles will need to park and walk the last … Continue reading 2018-06-15 Munmorah State Conservation Area